The palsy washy bus driver

In the morning, I chanced upon the palsy washy bus driver who usually took me on evening rides instead. He perpetually gleamed in surprise each and every time we met and looked as though he had his wish granted. I never quite understood the delight he took in my presence, but it was nevertheless, candid and laughable.

This time, we had a comical mime over the windscreen unlike our usual conversations, because I wasn’t going to hitch his ride. We spoke a line or two before he greeted “ Gong Xi Fa Cai!” as we parted ways. He was of a different race, so that added some dash to an otherwise typical greeting under such a coincidence.

On board another bus, an uncle readily gave up his seat for me, even though he clearly needed it just as much. His wife chided him for his sacrificial act out of concern but he too, had a similar sympathy not for himself, but for others.

Thereafter, I met another uncle who offered to shelter me onto the bus even though it was just a mere distance from where we were. This caused him to miss the bus he was bound for, but he insisted on doing so even after much dissuasion, just so that I wouldn’t get wet in the rain.

Thank you to the ordinary uncles who were extraordinary. I hadn’t say it then, but I wish for you the same kindness and blessings that you so gladly gave.