The Tissue Seller who refused my money

Lessons from a Tissue Pack

Greatness is not measured by how much you can gain but how much you can give. Even if it is just tissue paper.

While on my way to the train station from work, I often meet an affable tissue paper seller who sat along the pavement with her merchandise laid on the ground. Each time I approached, she would flash a toothy smile and gently urged me to get a wheelchair for ease and comfort.

I never once made a purchase because there wasn’t a need to. Just the other day, I remembered that my tissue pich was empty and I got my $2 ready in my hand even before I reached her.

She refused my money and readily passed me 5 packets of pocket tissues and 2 packs of travel tissues. I didn’t require so much but she insisted that I keep the money.

I told her there wasn’t enough space in my small banana sling bag and I offered her my sandwich in exchange, but she offered me a plastic bag with a curry puff so I could hold it in my hand.

They say the more you give, the more you’ll get. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

She did not have much but she was happy to share what she had. Her gifts were not valuables but the gesture of kindness was invaluable.